Planner Pals Membership!

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Thank you for checking out my membership options! I want to share new, exclusive and experimental files and this is a great way to do so.

Choose your preferred tier of support and gain access to lots of past and future goodies!

Tier benefits includes:

  • access to exclusive content - only available to members
  • discount codes for my shop (any time, no limit or minimum purchase)
  • 1 - 3 items per month depending on the tier
  • behind the scenes & early access to products
  • exclusive channel & tiered roles in the co-working Discord server (must provide Discord information for this)
  • tier 3 only → form for commissioned products in a design & colour of your choosing

Possible freebies include, but aren't limited too:

  • fonts for all devices
  • digital files (i.e. notebooks, planners, organisers, dividers, covers, etc)
  • printable files (i.e. templates, planners, organisers, crafty items, etc)
  • digital stickers (texts, icon packs, images, doodles, etc)
  • wallpapers for all devices
  • notion, google sheets, etc templates
  • widgets for homescreens / desktop organisation

Updates will be posted each month and an email will be automatically sent out with option to claim your new items!

Memberships can be cancelled at any time. Access will be lost upon cancellation, so remember to download everything prior to cancelling to keep copies!

No lock-in terms!
1 extra month free on all tiers!
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A$3 a month

Planner Pals Membership!

9 ratings